The International Copywriters Association

What Does The ICA Do?

The ICA serves two audiences:

AUDIENCE ONE: Small Businesses, Medium Companies, and Global Corporates

The ICA matches the best copywriters worldwide with companies who understand that words are the key to increased sales, profit, and growth.

AUDIENCE TWO: Professional Copywriters

The ICA helps professional copywriters find the right clients to serve.

How The ICA Does This

The ICA actively seeks top copywriters worldwide. Our mission is to help businesses understand that every word they put out to the public matters, especially when it comes to sales, and that there is an industry out there that exists purely to help them do this - the Copywriting Industry.

What Is Copywriting?

The simplest description of copy (in terms of the copywriting profession) is anything written that includes a Call to Action (CTA).

A CTA may encourage people to buy something, sign up for something, get information on something, or anything else that requires some kind of action.

However, copywriting is most commonly associated with the advertising industry and the words used in that industry to sell anything from a can of beans to a luxury yacht.

Why Is Copywriting Important?

Any literate person can write words, but only professional copywriters know how to write them in a way that helps persuade people to do whatever it is the advertiser wants them to do.

This can only happen if deep knowledge of human behaviour is understood. Unless we know why people make the choices and decisions they make, we can never know how to steer them to make the choices and decisions we believe they should be making.

Is Copywriting Manipulative?

No. Ethical copywriting does not manipulate people. If we have a ground-breaking product we believe the world needs (because it will make it a better place, or make lives easier), it matters that the message is clear, truthful, and simple to broadcast and spread as far and wide as possible.

The heroes of our world (the products, services, and people who improve our lives) need all the help they can get, so members of the International Copywriters Association follow strict ethical guidelines to ensure that happens. Ethics is at the heart of everything the ICA does.

Heroes And Villains

There are, and always will be, villains. Copywriters who manipulate people through devious means (false promises, click-bait, fraud, etc.) detract from every aspect of society.

The ICA exposes all such fraud whenever it can. By exposing fraud and other manipulation by criminals and others involved in its practice, the ICA helps us all spot the villains more quickly.


Part of the ICA's mission is to teach copywriting to those interested in learning more about the the profession and industry.

The ICA runs a year-long mentoring and copywriter learning program called ProCopyClub.

ProCopyClub is available to all ICA Associate Members as part of their annual ICA associate membership.

The only way to become an ICA Full Member is through ProCopyClub. We do this to ensure the highest possible standard.

Continual Professional Development (CPD)

All ICA Full Members go through the ICA CPD program. This keeps them up to date with the copywriting industry and its best practices and helps ensure that our principles and standards are kept front of mind at all times.

ICA Copywriters Directory

Only full members of the ICA are allowed in the ICA Copywriters Directory. Any copywriters who break our standards are struck off. This helps ensure the integrity of the ICA and all those who work within it.

How To Join The ICA

Copywriters of all grades are encouraged to join the ICA and go through ProCopyClub to learn the science of copywriting, and apply it every day to their own businesses and those of their clients.

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ICA Getting Started

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