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If you want to build a business, don’t mess around with tools and trinkets, focus on how many customers you’re going to need to make it work. In software, we talk about MVPs (minimum viable products). The idea is to stop wasting time polishing, and instead make the one thing we know people want (and

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Most of us spend time worrying about what others think of us. Our focus seems to be in the right place, in as much as we’re thinking about others, but the truth is we’re only really thinking about ourselves. It makes sense then why we fail to get what we want. If I focus on

First steps to become a professional copywriter

If you’re stuck, it’s because you lack a plan (or you lack a way to get your plan done, maybe you procrastinate for example). If so, I hope the following will help. What’s your agenda today? Or if you have a job you intend to ditch at some point to become a full time copywriter,

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Suppose for a moment I decided to set myself up as a business mentor. I buy a domain, create a bunch of pages and set up an autoresponder to build a list of prospects. Six months later, nothing has happened. Not a single call. No one on my email list. No one en-route through my