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Join the ICA today as a Full Member and get access to our Premier Copywriting Course ProCopyClub (NOTE: this is without the personal mentoring element). You'll also get priority access to our Facebook group: Copywriting Jobs.

If you join today as an ICA Full Member you'll pay only $120 for each year you remain a member and get full access to ProCopyClub - the ICA's 52 Week Copywriting Course at no extra cost. You are also covered by our 30 DAY NO QUIBBLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

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The ICA exists to teach members how to become professional copywriters and how to promote themselves as a professional copywriter or copywriting agency service to build a sustainable business.

As an ICA Full Member you get PRIORITY ACCESS to our Copywriting Jobs group on Facebook. That means you can post whenever you want (you're not moderated like everyone else - although you must still adhere to the rules).

You'll also get Quarterly Continual Professional Development (CPD) modules to keep you up to date and help you on your journey.

And on top of that, you get full access to our premiere learning program: ProCopyClub. (click here to find out more).

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