July 23


How to sell with Vision enhancement

By Quentin Pain

July 23, 2022


Last week I talked about Vision. Vision creates or enhances desire, and without desire, nothing gets bought.

Whilst the first step in building desire is through vision, the next step is through enhancement of that vision.

There’s a colour in the UK called British Racing Green. It was created in 1903 to delineate British cars from other nationalities (as were the rules back then).

Pretty much every British racing car manufacturer used it, and it became synonymous with success: Bentley, Aston Martin, Cooper, Lotus, BRM (and of course Jaguar, and in particular the S Type I mentioned last week).

As a kid I played a lot of Scalextric, so although I had forgotten about all the fun I had with it, once I saw a green S Type Jag, the thrill came flooding back and my desire to own that car went through the roof.

If I were to put together an ad for such a car today, all the above would race through my mind once again.

Think about desire and its nuances (emotional, physical, spiritual). Train your brain to spot them as a matter of everyday life. It will do wonders for your copy and creativity.

Quentin Pain

About the author

It took me many decades before I realised the power of writing, but once I did, I understood the real value of words. My mission is to pass on all the skills I've learnt to those seeking advancement in the copywriting industry and beyond through the ICA.

  • First : God bless you I really enjoyed the post and I feel like I am fire again to follow my passion for writing for what I want
    second :
    Note 1:Vision creates or enhances desire, and without desire, nothing gets bought
    Note 2:Think about desire and its nuances (emotional, physical, spiritual) magnificent !!
    Note 3and most important :Train your brain to spot them as a matter of everyday life but red line under everyday so imagine the idea then work for it then daily Affirmations to get it ,,, super
    Thank you (Not long and useful content) and congrats for Jaguar S How you make it true !!! I wish I could do for many things

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