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"It's amazing how your course is rewiring my brain and making me pay attention." - Joschka Losch

"Your teachings and philosophies to copy are sticking like glue. I’ve gained so much insight." - Gareth Whithair

"Call Quentin if you need a coach. He's the real deal." - David Collins


What is ProCopyClub?

Every week for the next 52 weeks you'll be given a new, simple task with full instructions on what to do (and why it's necessary to do it).

We start by developing the CHANGE you need to make if you truly want to become a successful copywriter. If you don't change, you'll stay the same - I show you exactly what to do to make those changes STICK.

There's a reason some copy sucks, and other copy sells. But it can't be learned in a day. Instead, I take you through each aspect of GREAT copy so you'll never be stuck wondering what's wrong with your copy again.

I'll show you exactly how to set REAL GOALS that count, and how to envision those goals so you know how to achieve them STEP BY STEP.

We'll go through every type of copy the pro's use - and why they use them. You'll know when to apply a certain type of copy, and when NOT to apply that copy.

You'll find out HOW to write those different copy types too, with specific tasks so you become a master of them all.

1. Human Behaviour

If you don't know what makes us do the things we do, you'll never know how to get others to do the things you want them to do. ProCopyClub spills the beans on human motivation.

2. How To Write Like A Pro

Once you know how we tick, writing becomes easier. ProCopyClub takes you through techniques most people are unaware of. Armed with these, you'll learn how to write like a Pro and Position yourself ready for Business.

3. The Business

Build your business from scratch. Nothing left out. How to build your site (agency or pro-celebrity). How to attract, engage and convert prospects. And how to grow a sustainable and profitable business.


Kruno Gajger

Kruno Gajger - ProCopyClub Member

"In my 50+ years of life, I have seen and been on hundreds of seminars, webinars, courses, and workshops in different languages across Europe.

Most of them gave me some insights but most turned out to be just introductions.

When I saw Quentin’s posts in the Science of Copywriting, I wanted more. But I did not think he would teach me from the start how to write like a pro.

I did not expect to get much and I certainly did not expect the transformation of my ability to experience writing so that the ordinary situations I had been trying to change would be helped so fast during the weekly lessons and practical working tasks.

And change did not come only in my writing but also in my life and the lives of those around me. Significant change.

Then, as weeks passed, I found the hope that I could do something more - that I am capable in ProCopyClub of so much more.

I will not write here about Belief, Fear and Desire, you will find that for yourself in the Club, I will tell you just one thing though: SUPPORT

It's support for the whole 52 weeks. 52 weeks of life changing experience."

Kruno Gajger - Dublin, Ireland


It Takes Time To Build A Business

That's why ProCopyClub is not a 30 day, 3 month, or 6 month course. Unless you know how to write persuasively, your business won't grow (and it certainly won't be sustainable). And unless you know how to negotiate with the biggest players, you'll never earn very much.

ProCopyClub gives you so much more than how to write the best copy. We go deep into every other aspect of business that matters as well. This includes Facebook advertising, List building, Negotiating like a boss, and Public Speaking.

And just in case that's not enough, I'll show you how to create a stand out brand that positions you either as a celebrity copywriter or a professional agency. You'll get all the pros and cons so you can make the right decision.

Learn From A Pro

I grew my last business - Accountz, from zero to 36,000 customers. Over the last few years, I've grown 3 Facebook groups to nearly 60,000 members at ZERO cost. Every one of those people were attracted by words. Words change the world, and as a pro, they will change your world too.


People think procrastination means being lazy. Not doing what you know you should be doing. But it isn't. There's no such thing as procrastination. I show you what you need to do to become the thing you most want to be - a Pro Copywriter. To do that requires motivation. You'll get all the help you need inside ProCopyClub.


Business is about flow. No flow = no business. Money flows in one end and out the other. The secret of growth is to connect both ends. Use the outflow to increase the inflow. Do this and you'll never worry about money again. I'll show you how to find customers and scale your business for the long term


Joschka Losch

Joschka Losch - ProCopyClub Member

"I'm a member of ProCopyClub. I joined it thinking I already knew something about copywriting. Pretty fast I learned I knew nothing.

I'm now rebuilding my skills as a copywriter and looking forward to the next 10 months.

Anyway, just buy it. It's good. And if you don't like it he will give you a full refund."

Joschka Losch - Germany

52 Weeks Of Simple Step By Step Tasks

We build this very gently. There's no rush. And it's simple to do. I help you stay on EASY STREET. Each week starts with a mission, an explanation, examples, and a task (sometimes two). The tasks are little things, some of them daily (that often take no longer than the time it takes to brush your teeth). And every week I'll send you an update email to keep you in the loop so you complete the course and actually end up doing the ONE thing you want to do - become a Pro Copywriter with a business to be proud of.


  • Every week a new module is unlocked so you will never feel overwhelmed. And I'm there to help you with it if you need any guidance or have a question. Just ask directly in the Q&A section for each week.
  • Because we're copywriters, the content is text. You can view it on any device and read at your own pace. And every week I'll send a reminder to keep you motivated and moving forward.


Most people don't have a clue about branding. They think it's about design, fonts, and logos. But the real point of branding is POSITIONING.

When you position yourself as the GOTO copywriter, people take notice. That can only happen when you get strategic about your future, who you serve and why you serve them. ProCopyClub has you covered all the way.




You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don't like ProCopyClub, you can get a full refund of your ICA Membership anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch directly with me and I'll get you a swift refund. No strings.


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Rome Christian Buendia

Rome Christian Buendia - ProCopyClub Member

"This is amazing. It feels like I'm part of a new world. By the way, I applied what I learned from ProCopyClub and got an interview with a multimillion dollar company. I can't thank you enough. You are the best Copywriting Mentor."

Rome Christian Buendia - Alaska - July 2019




Don't Forget: You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don't like ProCopyClub, you can get a full refund of your ICA Membership anytime within the first 30 days after purchase.