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Michael McGregor
Noah Yannis Guderjahn
Stjepan Mijat Zaninović
Leonardo Uskok
Alanna Birmingham
Kruno Gajger
Rome Christian Buendia

If you’re looking for the “whys” and the “nuts and bolts” behind the art of copywriting I can’t recommend the Pro Copy Club course enough. Having a limited knowledge of writing copy before I began, this course taught me all about the structure of a piece of copy, what goes where and why. The course unveiled many fundamental aspects of writing successfully which I didn’t even know existed or simply things I had never thought about. I particularly liked the course menu where I could easily refer back to previous weeks (and still do) to refresh on areas when needed. Quentin is a great mentor to me; he is very knowledgeable and thorough with his guidance. I look forward to continuing a relationship with him well into the future. The course is a year long because it has to be. It takes time to develop the necessary skills to become a true professional. Over the period of time I have been involved with the PCC and ICA, I have seen my skill set and value increase exponentially. It has given me the confidence to enter the marketplace knowing I can offer real value to my clients.

At first, I wasn‘t sure if ProCopyClub would be worth it. But let me tell you, it 100% is. Not only do you learn how to write professional copy, but also how to build a business from it step-by-step. And who knows it better than someone who did it himself? The problem with most courses is, they teach you some techniques but leave you alone with the rest. ProCopyClub is different. Every time I needed help with my copy, Quentin helped me with constructive feedback pointing out what‘s good and what can be improved. He taught me a lot, always pushing me to keep going. That‘s what I liked most about PCC. Last week I landed my first client. I was happy but also nervous at the same time. In the end, everything worked out and I successfully finished my first project. Without Quentin and PCC all that wouldn‘t have been possible. Thank you.

Quentin is the man. I've been in his Facebook group for a while. Posts there are amazing, so I was dying to see if this course will provide even more value. Although I didn't do it exactly as Quentin suggested (I was busy writing for clients I've met in other of Quentin's FB groups), I've learned a lot. Most "gurus" repeat basic stuff you can learn by watching any 5 minute video on YouTube. Quentin took a different approach. I won't spoil too much. All I'll say is that you won't be the same copywriter or the same person after you hang out with Quentin for a year. Even if you're a seasoned copywriter.

This is a really great course! I must admit: I’m proud that I went through it the whole year. But this speaks for the course as it’s really well structured and you get all the details you really need. This course definetely helped me getting started building an email list, becoming a way better writer and getting the confidence and the tools to attract new clients. So much good stuff! Thank you so much!

Something incredible happened to me out of nowhere. Thank you for ProCopyClub. I would never get such ideas without the ICA.

The more time I spend on this course the more time I WANT to spend on this course!

52 weeks of life changing experience.

This is amazing. It feels like I'm part of a new world. By the way, I applied what I learned from ProCopyClub and got an interview with a multimillion dollar company. I can't thank you enough. You are the best Copywriting Mentor.