The International Copywriters Association

Why Should I Join The ICA?

The International Copywriters Association exists to promote the copywriting profession (and professional copywriters) to businesses both small and large globally.

Of all the things businesses do to promote themselves, their products and services, and their communities, the ICA promotes copywriting as the most important.

Without words, chaos ensues. Humans learned to speak (and developed words) for the purpose of survival, and from that beginning, progress and growth were inevitable.

It's also the mission of every business to both survive and grow, so it makes complete sense that a grounding in words and use of them must be the primary tool of every trade and service no matter how big or small.

If you've just started in the copywriting industry, or are already a veteran or professional within it, joining the ICA will add learning, prestige, and status along with your skills.

We are in launch mode at the moment, so now is the time to get in. Start with the ICA Getting Started series. It will help and there's no cost. Click below.

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