Sales copy example selling a Penguin Classics edition of Barbara Reynolds’ translation of Orlando Furioso

The following was created using various prompts to get GPT4-Turbo to write a perfect sales letter for a Penguin Classics book without any other human interference.

This could now be taken in many different directions with further prompting, but I have left it as is to give you a flavour of what’s now possible with AI (as at December 2023).

Dear Reader,

Are you ready to embark on an adventure that transcends time, weaving through the rich tapestry of epic poetry? Let me to introduce you to the Penguin Classics edition of “Orlando Furioso,” translated by the remarkable Barbara Reynolds, a scholar whose work has been celebrated for its clarity and depth.

Why “Orlando Furioso”?

Ludovico Ariosto’s “Orlando Furioso” is more than just a poem; it’s a journey through the chivalric and the fantastic, an exploration of love and valor that has captivated readers since the early 16th century. This masterpiece is a cornerstone of Italian Renaissance literature, and its influence on Western culture and literature is immeasurable.

The Translation That Brings History to Life

Barbara Reynolds’ translation is not merely a passage from one language to another; it’s a revival of Ariosto’s vibrant world. Her prose is both faithful to the original and accessible to modern readers, a rare feat that brings out the romance, adventure, and emotional depth of the epic.

An Introduction That Sets the Stage

Perhaps the most treasured aspect of this volume is Barbara Reynolds’ introduction. It is a masterclass in literary history, succinctly and eloquently guiding you through the evolution of epic poetry in Europe. Reynolds deftly explains the convergence of the Classical, Carolingian, and Arthurian schools into the singular style epitomized by Ariosto’s work (The Cultural Tutor – Areopagus LXIV).

The Benefits of Owning This Edition

  • Educational Value: Gain insights into the history of epic poetry and its development.
  • Cultural Enrichment: Understand the impact of “Orlando Furioso” on the Renaissance and beyond.
  • Literary Appreciation: Enjoy a translation celebrated for its elegance and fidelity.
  • Personal Growth: Experience a narrative that challenges and expands your worldview.

A Heartfelt Recommendation

As a lover of literature, I can heartily recommend this edition of “Orlando Furioso.” Whether you are a student of the arts, a history enthusiast, or simply in search of a timeless story beautifully told, this book is an invaluable addition to your collection.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own this literary treasure. Dive into the pages of “Orlando Furioso” and let Barbara Reynolds be your guide to one of the greatest epics ever penned.

Warm regards,

[Your Name]

P.S. Join the ranks of those who have found profound inspiration in Ariosto’s epic tale and Reynolds’ scholarly prowess. Order your copy today and set sail on an unforgettable voyage through history and imagination.

What do you think? Has AI given us a good start? Could you use it to start impressing your prospects to hire you? Could you use it to kick start your portfolio of famous products to add a little kudos (ethical note: if you’re a copywriting hero, you’ll let prospects know it was an exercise, not a real commission).

Obviously, if you’re not into the renaissance or classical poetry, this is going to leave you stone dead! But perhaps, it offers a glimmer of interest anyway?


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