September 24


How to get attention where it’s non-existent and with zero hope of getting it.

By Quentin Pain

September 24, 2022

Crazy title, but what a promise!

Look at the exclamation mark in the sentence above. Did it work, or was it pointless?

Every exclamation mark I make is deliberate (not random).

When I’m reading, I know when I’m surprised by something, and when I am, an exclamation mark urges me on (as a reader). It represents a pat on the back (the writer is giving me approval, and approval is always nice – it releases a tiny hit of dopamine).

If you found the title to this post interesting, then the exclamation mark worked, if not, it failed. Either way, you’d hardly notice it, and that’s what we want.

It’s a tiny nudge to the right audience to keep on reading.

Most writers use exclamation marks when THEY are surprised. Pro writers use them when they anticipate their AUDIENCE being surprised.

PS. More on the actual promise in the headline next week.

Quentin Pain

About the author

It took me many decades before I realised the power of writing, but once I did, I understood the real value of words. My mission is to pass on all the skills I've learnt to those seeking advancement in the copywriting industry and beyond through the ICA.

  • Thank you for this short treasure inspired me how to attention my teachers in this period ,, “Pro writers use them when they anticipate their AUDIENCE being surprised”even in academic way we have to make exclamation mark.

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