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Use consequences if you want to sell more

I started off this current series with vision, followed by desire, and last week with foreshadowing and futurescaping as we envisioned a future driving our British Racing Green S Type Jag around the countryside with the windows open and the air roaring through our hair, but as with all things in life, there are consequences.

Consequences are driven by fear (a consequence without fear is not a consequence at all when it comes to selling). And the biggest fear we know is the fear of missing out.

We sell hope, but we drive it with fear. Hope and fear underlie life itself (a life without hope is a living death, a life without fear is boring).

The fear of missing out is about ownership. If we don’t buy it now, someone else will. And if there’s only 1 available, we lose (winning is a big deal for many people, particularly the rich).

All best selling offers use fear as their driver. Buy it now or lose it forever.

Car dealers sell more cars in the UK in March and September when new car registration plates are launched (you can tell by the registration plate how old a car is in the UK). If you miss the deadline, and your neighbour doesn’t, you’re the loser.

Every deadline plays on fear, and ownership rules.


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  1. professional post ,,Really is a good point to know!! well ,the fear factor of advertising( deadline of that product is example )and the engine for your income for any selling deal Thank you,, I really enjoying reading your posts

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